Our Objectives

To promote and protect the physical and mental health of orphans suffering from HIV/AIDS in Myanmar, through the provision of financial assistance and support.  Also to advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to HIV/AIDS.


Our main principle is that all children no matter how ill or disadvantaged are entitled to love, education and medical care.  We believe that it is the duty of all adults to uphold and secure those rights for children, especially for the most vulnerable.  Few children suffer more than the orphans of AIDS.  

 What we do

Our project at the moment is an orphanage in Kyaikkhami, Mon State, Myanmar operated by Burmese Nun Sister Martha.  She looks after 77 HIV/AIDS infected orphans and another 64 affected people in the community.


She is a lady of great fortitude, commitment and enthusiasm.  She is the only lifeline for poor sick people who can not afford to pay to see a doctor. She has built up a strong loyal team around her. Two senior staff are trained councellor`s  and are able to manage the centre in Sr Marthas absence.


Her main object now though is to move to Kawthoung near the Thai border – a real crisis area, to set up a new centre.  People cross the border illegally, get caught up in exploitation, human trafficking and the sex industry.  It’s a hot spot with more than its fair share of HIV/AIDS infected orphans.  They are less likely than others to find shelter in their extended families and become outcast in their own community.  We are trying desperately to raise money for Sister Martha’s heart felt plans. 


On December 2nd Sister Martha was invited to the Norwegian Embassy to meet the King and Queen of Norway for her outstanding humanitarian work. We are very proud of her!


This is how the new building for the orphanage looks now

"..look how beautiful it is! ...this work will provide not only the shelter, but a home for many homeless children for many years..", - Sister Martha

Thanks to all those people who have supported the charity!

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