Our Objectives

As a result of the civil war we needed to extend our objectives to include physical and mental support for trafficked and displaced children, shelter, legal assistance, and documentation.


Our work with HIV/AIDS-abandoned children will continue as normal. 


To promote and protect the physical and mental health of orphans suffering from HIV/AIDS in Myanmar, through the provision of financial assistance and support.  Also to advance the education of the general public in all areas relating to HIV/AIDS.


Our main principle is that all children no matter how ill or disadvantaged are entitled to love, education and medical care.  We believe that it is the duty of all adults to uphold and secure those rights for children, especially for the most vulnerable.  Few children suffer more than the orphans of AIDS.  

 What we do


Before the war on COVID we ran two centres, but because of the difficulty in travelling and communication we decided to centre our attention on the larger, newer home in Kawthoung (Victoria Point) close to the Thai border. Here, we look after and care for around 30 children as of 2023, most with no family or extended family. We also support by way of outreach workers another 140 families. At one point, 10% of this busy little seaport town and border crossing point were infected with HIV/AIDS. The growing problems now are as a result of the war, contributing to migration and trafficking, with children exploited as a result of the war. We are the main funders for this work in the region since 2013. 




Sister Martha was invited to the Norwegian Embassy to meet the King and Queen of Norway for her outstanding humanitarian work. We are very proud of her!


This is how the new building for the orphanage looks now

"Look how beautiful it is! This work will provide not only the shelter, but a home for many homeless children for many years." - Sister Martha


Thanks to all those people who have supported the charity!

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