This 20 year old girl was found by Sr Martha delirious in the street. She was abandoned by her relatives because they feared catching HIV/AIDS from her just by touching her. Sr Martha who never turns her back on any one who is sick took her back to the day care centre where Helina agreed to give up her bed to her. She started to look much better after a week and has agreed to be one of the house keeper of the new Care Centre when it is completed.

This young girl had a bad reaction to her HIV drugs because she was malnourished.I tried in vain to get help from Doctors in Manchester without success, Sr Martha had more luck with a doctor in Holland and one in Oxford.They got together with a doctor in Yangon and came up with a treatment plan.

A new patient arrived at the Drop In Centre at Kawthoung over Christmas. This is a border town with Thailand and a real hot spot with 15% of the population being infected with HIV/AIDS. At least 30 to 35 children desperately need treatment. 

Three more children with AIDS arrived to the orphanage in June. Three more lives will be saved.

The girl in the picture is called May, she is 16 and studying in 5th grade. She is partually deaf.
 She was almost dying with very low CD4 and depression when she arrived at the center in 2006 August. Her mother passed away in Kawthaung after working in Ranong, Thailand. Maternal grandmother brought her to Mawlamyine where she was supported by CARE MYANMAR, NGO who later brought her to the orphanage as she was very sick and grandparents could not look after her any more. Her father was still alive somewhere in Ranong with a family. Sister Martha had been searching for him for 4 years but could find him. May Thu is studious and hard working. She likes reading books. She is also responsible when assigned a duty.
The boy is now 3 and a half years old and his name is Pho Thauk Kyar  (Mr. Friday). He is playful, good natured, full of fun. Due to traumas he did not speak a word for a year and cried all the time. He arrived very sick, weak and with sores on his skin. But now he is talking  in short sentences though not clearly. He runs around independently and is quite mischievous. He is getting stronger daily though has a small body  for his age. His parents' names are unknown. The mother was under CARE MYANMAR and staff knows her. According to them she goes around streets and towns. One day she abandoned him with a hospital book with wrong address at the side of the road in Mawlamyine. The police sent him to the house at this address but he was badly treated. Two charitable young boys heard about him, searched and found him in the dark room. They took him to all INGOs and NGOs but no one could accept him. Then they heard about Sister Martha's center and brought him there by the mortorbike in the rain under the rain coat, between them. The journey is 75 miles.
Both of them are now on ART and are keeping well.


Friday found himself a sponsor. Mr.Ray Smith kindly decided on a monthly donation to help secure his future.

Thank you, Ray!

Sister Martha was invited to the Norwegian Embassy to meet the King and Queen of Norway for her outstanding humanitarian work. We are very proud of her!


This is how the new building for the orphanage looks now

"Look how beautiful it is! This work will provide not only the shelter, but a home for many homeless children for many years." - Sister Martha


Thanks to all those people who have supported the charity!

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